ATTENTION!! - Now accepting appointments for 1st and 2nd doses of Moderna vaccine. Additional dose vaccine is available for moderate to severely immunocompromised individuals. Please contact your primary doctor before scheduling an appointment.

A 3rd (booster) DOSE for the general public will NOT be available until FDA approval. 


  • There is no charge for COVID-19 Vaccinations and everyone is eligible for COVID-19 services, no matter their immigration status. Testing, treatment or vaccinations paid for by the federal government will not affect anyone’s immigration status or be shared with immigration agencies.

  • You do not need a Social Security Number or government ID to receive free COVID-19 services.

  • We may ask for this information, but it is only to help confirm you don’t have insurance so we can get paid by the Federal Uninsured Program.

  • NCHD is currently offering the Moderna vaccine at our clinics which is a 2 dose series. When receiving your first dose, you will get information on how to register for your second. NCHD will offer the Pfizer and Janssen vaccines as availability allows.

  • Those with a history of severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis to any medications may still be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, but should talk to their doctor first -- please be advised that Northeast Colorado Health Department will not administer the vaccine to these individuals but refer these individuals to a hospital or provider clinic to receive their vaccine. If you have a history of anaphylaxis to any medication and have made an appointment with NCHD for your vaccine, please contact us immediately to cancel your appointment.

  • We reserve the right to cancel appointments if the registrant does not qualify for any one of these guidelines.