COVID-19 Public Health Orders

1) COVID-19 Dial

Attached is the Seventh Amended PHO 20-36 Dial for posting and distribution, which includes the following changes:

  • Section II.C.2.h:  Restaurants in Level Blue may accommodate up to 225 people indoors using the Distancing Calculator

  • Section II.C.2.k:  seated Indoor Events in Level Blue may accommodate up to 225 people indoors using the Distancing Calculator

  • Section II.D.2.k: Indoor Events in Level Yellow may accommodate up to 150 people using the Distancing Calculator

  • Section II.D.2.q:  table games are allowed Casinos in Level Yellow

  • Section II.E.2.q: table games are allowed for Casinos in Level Orange

  • Appendix M, Section V.C.3:  counties in Level Blue do not get any additional capacity for businesses certified to participate in the
    5 Star Program


Executive Facemask Order
2) Elective Surgeries 

Attached is the Eleventh Amended PHO 20-29 Voluntary and Elective Surgeries and Procedures for posting and distribution. 

Here are a summary of changes:

  • Section III.A.1.ii.a.1 and 2:  clarifying edits regarding mask wearing and excluding ill employees from the workplace

  • Section III.A.2.v.a and b:  same clarifying edits as above

  • Section III.A.xii:  added a link to CDC guidance for dental hand instruments

  • Section IV.A.3.iv:  clarified appropriate steps to follow for symptomatic employees

  • Section V.A.1.ii:  added a link to CDPHE's quarantine guidelines for veterinary clinics

3) Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Residence, and Intermediate Care Facilities

Attached is the Fifth Amended PHO 20-20 for nursing homes, ALR, ICFs, and group homes for posting and distribution.  A summary of the changes is below:

  • Section II.A: Revised indoor visitation to require when all of the following criteria are met:  county positivity rate is less than 10%, facility is conducting surveillance and outbreak testing, no current outbreak in the facility, 14 day supply of PPE, adequate staffing capacity and staff training.

  • Section II.B lists several essential services that cannot be denied for residents in these settings, including essential health care service providers, religious services, adult protective services, ombudsmen, designated support persons, compassionate care visitation, and emergency medical services.

  • Includes mandatory visitation guidance

  • Section II.C requires the facility to review the county positivity rate every Friday to determine if indoor visitation is permitted the following week.

All Public Health Orders and Executive Orders can be found here

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